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Testimonials (Personalised)

Here's more sneak peek into our subscription package, and personalised gifts,
featuring our happy customers and their photos of our package!



What our customers say:


"My favourite item from this #workfromhome package would definitely be the angel table decor which I can place at my workplace desk in future, as well as the immune vita gummies which is super apt for this virus season 🦠😷"

- Clarie Teo (@xclarieacaciateo)


"Thank you @etherealgift for making this Mother’s Day a little more special, with a curated gift specially for mamas. ⁣Thoughtful Mother's Day gift for all mummies! I love the vitamins and matte black reusable straws, very important in our family!!😂 Curated box that’s full of love and thoughtfulness. ⁣"

-Venie Lim (@venxlin)


"I received my first package!! OMG I was just having dry lips these couple of days, and today in the (subscription gift) package, there was a lip balm. And OMG I put my fav as passion fruit tea and I got it!!"

-Vicky Ng


"I’ve just received it! Really love it! Especially the customised coaster! I’m going to post on my art account with my art work 😍 Even the rings and bracelet are of perfect fit! And your reusable bags are really nice and of good quality too! Thank you so much once again!"

- Joey Boo


What our customers love: