Sustainable Fashion, Accessible Luxury, Quality Jewelry

Sustainability is at the core ethos of Etherealgift; we aim to tread lightly on this Earth, with limited production numbers on all our pieces in order to reduce environmental impact. It is our practice to curate all pieces on made-to-order basis, to avoid wastage, and to allow us to create exclusive designs at an accessible price point. We strictly redesign our pieces in small batches, to maintain quality over quantity.

Purchase with purpose; every order goes towards sustainable fashion and Singapore Cancer Society, World Vision and more. Donation receipts can be viewed on our EtherealGives Instagram highlight. Thank you for being part of #etherealgives, we are truly all in this together.

Slow Fashion Approach, Upcycled Luxury Packaging

We take a slow fashion approach by using high-quality, sustainably sourced materials and producing no more than we need. All jewelry are redesigned in-house and are only curated upon purchase. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and support ethical and sustainable practices.

Our packages are perfectly hand wrapped and curated with love. We also fight to reduce waste, with our biodegradable mailers and giving a second life to the bubble wraps and luxury packaging.

  • All In One Stop for Jewelry & Gifts

    All in one stop for reworked luxury, demi-fine jewelry and customized gift. Great advice on chain selection and jewelry maintenance. Owner is hardworking, patient and kind! - Ann

  • Transparent & Honest Pricing

    Love how transparent and honest you are!!! Thanks for the beautiful pieces and hope to see and buy more! - Shareen

  • Gorgeous Designs & Good Pricing

    Shoutout to the friendly owner who puts in her best effort to design pieces that are gorgeous and wallet friendly. She is also very accommodating to our requests. - Shu Rong