The Beauty of Demi-Fine Jewelry

Level up as an educated consumer before shopping for your next piece of jewelry! 😉

Fashion jewelry, often referred to as costume jewelry, is frequently made of fake gems, plastic beads and base metals like copper and brass. Though the names are used interchangeably, costume jewelry actually dates back to the 1930s while fashion jewelry is a more recent term first used in the 1980s. They both look fashionable from a distance but will not stand the test of time as they oxidise and tarnish easily. 

Then there's fine jewelry, with the highest quality and highest price tag. Often reserved to mark milestone events, fine jewelry is also great for resizing and repair as needed, even when passed down to the next generation. However, some designers brand actually make low-quality fine jewelry and attach a higher price tag to it simply because of the association with their brand name. Most designer brands though do produce high-quality pieces with genuine gemstones and precious metals, so it is important to level up with knowledge about which jewelry is the best for you. 😊

Even though fine jewelry has its own charm, not everyone can afford it. Also, fine jewelry is something you may not want to wear everyday. This is where our demi-fine jewelry comes into play; high quality pieces without breaking the bank or sacrificing craftsmanship. Demi-fine jewelry is all about accessible modern luxury. At the end of the day, the sentimental value of a stone and jewelry comes from what we decide to attribute to it. And this can overrule everything else.

Shop our demi-fine jewelry collection that is consciously created, hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin.
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