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5 Facts - Luxury Reworked Jewelry

If you are like us, a lover of unique and exclusive jewelry, here are 5 facts about reworked (also known as upcycled / repurposed) jewelry that you need to know before buying or considering buying one.

#1: Rework means to make changes to the original version of something.

#2: The process of reworked luxury items is quite tedious and involves a high-cost price. (eg: we had to pay high GST tax when we shipped it from overseas to Singapore)

#3: We source for pieces to work with from designer keychains, handbags, or other types of jewelry. (eg: transforming Gucci earrings into delicate pendant necklace)

#4: Authentication of items is necessary, but tricky most of the time. To be honest, reworked luxury jewelry can be tricky if you do not know where the charms are coming from. For example, buttons are extremely difficult to authenticate and they do not have a special code or signal to authenticate them.

Therefore, we only purchase items that we know are authentic because they follow the standards and guidelines of our authenticity guidelines. For example, we purchase from authenticated and award-winning resellers such as The Fifth CollectionVestiaire Collective and Style Tribute. Their authentication team inspects every item received at their warehouse, and the strict authentication process is what makes them trustable and successful. They examine the brand stamps, hardware, serial and date codes, to name but a few. We focus more on sourcing for vintage Chanel charms (from clothes, keychain or bags) that were made before 2000 because they can be more easily authenticated with the Chanel stamp situation on the back.

#5: Deconstruct to reconstruct the item, after planning the design of the final style. (eg: is it going to be a necklace, choker or bracelet? what chain length should I design? should I add various length options? should I ship the entire outfit over to Singapore or request for just the buttons to be shipped over to save shipping costs?)


Stay tuned for more blog posts as we bring you through our creative journey.